CrossFit ABF Member of the Month – Morgan Potter

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Inside Morgan

  • "Morg is 1000% my favorite coach"
    -Mike O'Connor
  • "I'm pretty picky about my coaches"
    -Katrina Lopez
  • "She’s my mostest favorite coach. #730 class is the funnest class."
    -AJ Delos Santos
  • "She makes a mean Arby's sandwich"
    -Jeff Giere

Morgan Potter started CrossFit as a student at Florida State University. After receiving her Level 1 Crossfit Certification, she began coaching at a gym in Tallahassee. After a short while, she left and moved to St. Pete for work. That's when she graced us with her presence and stole all our hearts.

She joined Crossfit ABF as a coach in early 2018. She started off quiet - timid almost. And everyone wanted to know "Who is this girl with the badass Rogue hair?" It didn't take long before Morgan drank the unicorn-flavored ABF kool-aid and burst out as the awesome coach we now know and love.

One of the best qualities about Morgan is how patient she is. She certainly has to be coaching the 7:30pm classes on most Tuesdays and Thursdays. No matter how many crazy questions we have or how little we listened (because we're so mesmerized by her kindness), she always hears us out and has a way of making you feel important in a huge, flashy class. We love when she says "Okaayyyy party people" at the beginning of every class or "yassss get it" to encourage everyone during brutal metcons.

Not to mention, this chick is fit! (See pics below) She's subtle and never boasts about her fitness. But you can find her straight killin' workouts during 6:30pm classes. From barbell work to her incredibly impressive gymnastics, you will definitely learn a thing or 20 from her. It may seem like a small tip or observation she gives you, then suddenly everything clicks.

It takes a truly special coach to inspire and motivate the way she does.

What's your favorite thing about Morgan?

"That booty! She's also incredibly kind, funny, and has a bubbly personality!"
-Jeff Giere

Seriously guys, look how cute she was in high school. Back then, she enjoyed the things every teenager loves. Now, she loves hanging out with her puppy and watching Arrow (her favorite TV show). And surprise, her favorite holiday is Halloween. Can't wait to see what costume she picks this year! Plus, Morgan's got some sick moves on the dance floor and loves latin music (for dancing and working out).

If you don't know her dog, meet Kira. She is Morgan's 6-year-old rescue. As you can tell, Kira is as photogenic as Morgan and loves to go on long walks in the park with her mom. If you're lucky enough to meet her, just try and resist cuddling that adorable face!

Look out for Morgan's Coach of the Month WOD coming to a Crossfit box near you aka ABF. Morgan will design her ideal workout for all of us to enjoy.

We know you would never skip out on Morgan's WOD, but there's also some kind of points system going on with these. Not sure what that means, but if you complete this WOD Rx, you get points towards something. Maybe it's doughnuts. Decided. It's for donuts and booze. May the best unicorn win.

Thank you so much, Morgan, for being the most amazing coach anyone could ask for. We are so lucky and grateful to have you in our corner during all your classes.


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