Amber Krumn

September 2020 – Member of the Month – Amber Krumn

By Sean 0

CrossFit ABF is proud to announce Amber as September 2020's Member of the Month!

Amber Krumn joined ABF a couple years ago. She brought an amazing attitude and a really adventurous soul! Amber loves to travel the world as a tourist and as pilot. Her stories are out of this world, and she always makes sure to get an epic photo for all of us to drool over. She's really the coolest, and we love her for it.

Amber Krumn1

Ever since Amber joined the gym, she has been on a steady transformation from a cardio beast to an all around super fit beast! One day she is just learning and starting out, the next she is handstand walking and crushing reps upon reps of butterfly pull ups. Not to mention her weightlifting has increased exponentially! It's honestly so impressive and inspiring.

Amber is so talented and fitter than ever, but you'd never hear it from her. She's so humble! She's the kind of person that will cheer you on no matter where you're at in the WOD. And she's the first person to give praise when you've achieved something new. Amber is truly an amazing addition to the gym, and we're all so happy to have her!

Amber Krumn2

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